Christine Fernandes como Farrah Fawcett

A atriz Christine Fernandes encarnou Farrah Fawcett para as lentes de Fernando Torquatto num ensaio para a revista Quem. Achei tudo lindo: cabelão, maquiagem, figurino inspirado em"As Panteras" em plena década de 70.Belo ensaio!

Fotos: blog Christine Fernandes e revista QUEM
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The epithet "four-eyed" may possibly contain a tentative coagulation of the two dogs in one. The capacity of the two dogs to see both by day (the sun) and by night (the moon) may have given the myth a slight start into the direction of the two-31. 13) called "four-eyed," which can only mean "sharp-sighted."kidney transplant and viagra
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